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Techniques and strategies of vocabulary building

Building up a vocabulary is one of the biggest challenges in learning a foreign language. For this reason, there is a wide variety of methods to make this process less frustrating and more interesting. Today I’d like to share the ways which I find the most helpful in expanding vocabulary with you in detail.
First and foremost, ask yourself why you’re motivated to learn a particular foreign language. If you find the answer, keep your mind on it and never let any obstacles stop you from achieving your goal.
Secondly, remember that practice makes perfect. For this reason, take learning vocabulary seriously and do not hesitate about looking an unfamiliar word up in the dictionary and writing it in your notebook. Also, do not forget to brush up on them from time to time.
Thirdly, instead of just writing a single word, record them in a context and try relate to something. Such an approach will help you recall a word with a remarkable ease, thus making yourself understood when meeting with a foreigner.
Finally, don’t be afraid of using stickers. This method actually is the most effective as you surround yourself with the language. Whether you want it or not, you notice these stickers and the words written on them.
These are just the methods I use. Some of them you may find appropriate and helpful while the others — ineffective. So, do not limit yourself to these ways of enriching vocabulary. Take your time and find a way which will work for you.
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