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Education is an essential part of everyone’s life. However, people often confuse getting an education with working a way through college or school. Sugata Mitra and Ken Robinson try to explain what are the problems and what should be taken into account in the sphere of education in their videos.
Sugata Mitra takes the view that not only children from the rich families but also from the poor families can obtain a good education. In fact, the children from suburbs are quick learners. To figure something out and learn something is as easy as ABC for them. They are distinguished by their mental agility in acquiring knowledge which can even increase when they are praised. Therefore, Mitra concludes that children are capable of self-educating. All they need is to be directed.
In his turn, Ken Robinson honestly thinks that schools make students the same. He grasps the importance of being unique and different and states that schools do not take this into consideration. Their main aim is to make the children the straight A students that often goes in the price of identity. Also, Robinson says that children are distinguished by their curiosity. For this reason, students are just in need of a leading authority in the field, and they can burn the midnight oil on their own.
Speaking about some changes in the educational system of Ukraine, I would probably recommend stopping giving low marks to the students. In such a way, they would have a desire to demonstrate their abilities and won’t fall behind with some subjects. Moreover, I would advise that new teaching staff be hired as the present teachers from the old school do not satisfy the needs of the students.  Next is that government should provide good technical support (like free wi-fi, computers). Finally, I would recommend providing the students with an opportunity to do a course they like. Not all the students have a natural talent, for instance, for learning foreign languages, and they can’t keep up with the others. However, if they chose any other subject, they could show a marked improvement.

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