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Feelings, emotions, body language

The scientists have proved a long time ago that the body language can say about a person much more than the words. It is mostly connected with the fact that people very often suppress their feelings and bottle up their emotions by controlling their speech. But some gestures people can’t control. If you still don’t believe me, try to observe the other people’s body language. You may have mixed feelings about such kind of task, but after it, you will definitely be able to make generalizations about the others. Today I’d like to share my observations regarding gestures of my groupmates and instructors, but I won’t tell who I’m talking about.
The first thing I noticed is that many girls in my subgroup fiddle with their hair eagerly. A lot of people say that this gesture implies flirting, especially when a girl fancies somebody, but not necessarily. For example, if you listen to the lecture and fiddle with your hair, who can you flirt with? The answer is apparent, no one. So, I made a conclusion that this gesture also displays boredom.
Well, now let’s think what other gestures can mean. For instance, what will people do if they try to lie to you? I noticed that some of my friends have an excessive eye contact or don’t have it at all while telling a lie. They usually stammer, sweat and stroke their noses.
The combination of red face and folded arms is also very interesting. When my best friend becomes angry, her ears go red and she folds her arms. However, when only her ears go red, it means that she shows her stubbornness.
In any case, bear in mind that you mustn’t jump to conclusions about the body language of your nearest and dearest. You can read different literature about it, but this information isn’t always true. The best way is to look out for people and then make some conclusions.

I have started to listen to the Australian singer Sia recently. And today I’d like to share feelings and emotions I have while listening to her song “Angel By the Wings”. As a matter of fact, I have mixed feelings about this piece of music. This song displays a note of sadness which makes me feel a little bit down in the dumps. But generally, “Angel By the Wings” is a rather inspiring music which gives me a sense of achievement and purpose. After listening to this song, I feel enthusiastic about setting a goal and fulfilling it.


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