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His Story. Her Story.

One of the most interesting person in Ukrainian history is Taras Shevchenko. First of all, he made useful contributions in Ukrainian literature. The poems of this author lied behind Ukrainian poetry.
From his childhood Taras was poor. He had to fight for his life. Sometimes he failed miserably, but never gave up, even when his hopes were dashed.

Taras Shevchenko knew that he lived in that time when locan government didn’t give usual people a say. He took this problem seriously and wanted to do something about it. That’s how he started to write his masterpieces.

His poems had a huge effect on simple people. He persuaded them to put up a heroic fight against cruel enemies, who invade our country. Taras Shevchenko cause a sensation to all country. However, because of that his poems made a bad impression of him and caused uproar in local councils. They understood he tried to provoke an outcry. Young man started to have a lot of influence on population in short time. Civilian authorities realized if they didn’t do something then they would have to face the consequences.

Exactly at that point of his life this boy was enlisted personnel. So government used this possibility and made him to join the army.  During his service he was taken prisoner and died in capture.

Taras Shevchenko offered resistance till the last day of his life. We enjoy the fruits of his hard work even through many years. His poems come in useful for us even nowadays. They bring about our confidence that everything will be fine one day.

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